Welcome to Pythonic CS1: Build a Mobile App!

Welcome to Pythonic CS1: Build a Mobile App. In this course, you will learn and practise Python programming and computer science concepts by building a mobile app. You will learn how to conceptualize an idea into a real mobile app. The course covers a light-weight software development process, including requirment engineering, prototyping, coding and testing, and more.

This course assumes you a novice or no prior programming experience, by firstly introducing basics of programming in MIT App Inventor, a visual programming language which allows you to learn programming concepts with visual building blocks, and gradually move your learning pathway towards programming in Python.

Apart from learning concepts and practices on computer science and programming, this course would also equip you with the skills needed for setting up your own toolkit for development, including set up a Linux virtual machine with integrated development environment (IDE), GitHub the version control system, and Kivy the framework for building mobile apps in Python.